What is Big Data? Big Data Explained -Hadoop and MapReduce

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What exactly is Big Data? This video defines and explains Big Data as well as Hadoop and MapReduce in simple language.


phoeNYkx says:

Your jacket is one size too large. Not a good look.

Ashwini singh says:

simple presentation ….i like this

chetan fating says:

Its crisp and no-nonsense video love it!! thanks.

Harish Ram says:

Thanks patrick. This video on big data helped me a lot. Eazzzy presentation… Thanks alot!!

Vikas Rana says:

How can I learn more about Big data? Pl. share info on same.

Andrew Rappaport says:

i think the information was good but stating "ok" every other sentence drove me nuts and prevents me from wanting to watch any other videos. As a "keynote speaker" please take a public speaking class.

Muhammad Herwindra Berlian says:

so cool men.. thank for presented..

nakul w says:

Brilliant Patrick! Thanks for sharing.

Thomas Evans says:

excellent video, thanks.

Kunal Pandhare says:

Small, precise and lucid explanation. Thanks Patrick.

Paul West says:

very good, thank you!


I was looking for a simple explanation in layman's term and I got it. Thanks a lot!

The Murphys says:

Fun drinking game… have a drink each time he says "OK" (I counted 27. ) Just messing with you Patrick, the content was helpful.

A Gekko says:

This guy looks like a porn actor.

Praveen Dey says:

Great simplification…

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