Big Data Hadoop Tutorial for Beginners

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This is Part 1 of 8 week Big Data and Hadoop course. The 3hr Interactive live class covers What is Big Data, What is Hadoop and Why Hadoop? We also understand the details of Hadoop Distributed File System ( HDFS). The Tutorial covers in detail about Name Node, Data Nodes, Secondary Name Node, the need for Hadoop. It goes into the details of concepts like Rack Awareness, Data Replication, Reading and Writing on HDFS. We will also show how to setup the cloudera VM on your machine.

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Welcome, Let’s Get Going on our Hadoop Journey…

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How it Works?

1. This is a 8 Week Instructor led Online Course.
2. We have a 3-hour Live and Interactive Sessions every Sunday.

3. We have 3 hours of Practical Work involving Lab Assignments, Case Studies and Projects every week which can be done at your own pace. We can also provide you Remote Access to Our Hadoop Cluster for doing Practicals.

4. We have a 24×7 One-on-One LIVE Technical Support to help you with any problems you might face or any clarifications you may require during the course.

5. At the end of the training you will have to undergo a 2-hour LIVE Practical Exam based on which we will provide you a Grade and a Verifiable Certificate!

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About the Course

Big Data and Hadoop training course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to become a successful Hadoop Developer. In-depth knowledge of concepts such as Hadoop Distributed File System, Setting up the Hadoop Cluster, Map-Reduce,PIG, HIVE, HBase, Zookeeper, SQOOP etc. will be covered in the course.

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Course Objectives

After the completion of the Hadoop Course at Edureka, you should be able to: Master the concepts of Hadoop Distributed File System. Understand Cluster Setup and Installation. Understand MapReduce and Functional programming. Understand How Pig is tightly coupled with Map-Reduce. Learn how to use Hive, How you can load data into HIVE and query data from Hive. Implement HBase, MapReduce Integration, Advanced Usage and Advanced Indexing. Have a good understanding of ZooKeeper service and Sqoop. Develop a working Hadoop Architecture.

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Who should go for this course?

This course is designed for developers with some programming experience (preferably Java) who are looking forward to acquire a solid foundation of Hadoop Architecture. Existing knowledge of Hadoop is not required for this course.

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Why Learn Hadoop?

BiG Data! A Worldwide Problem?

According to Wikipedia, “Big data is collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications.” In simpler terms, Big Data is a term given to large volumes of data that organizations store and process. However, It is becoming very difficult for companies to store, retrieve and process the ever-increasing data. If any company gets hold on managing its data well, nothing can stop it from becoming the next BIG success!

The problem lies in the use of traditional systems to store enormous data. Though these systems were a success a few years ago, with increasing amount and complexity of data, these are soon becoming obsolete. The good news is – Hadoop, which is not less than a panacea for all those companies working with BIG DATA in a variety of applications and has become an integral part for storing, handling, evaluating and retrieving hundreds of terabytes, and even petabytes of data.

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Some of the top companies using Hadoop:

The importance of Hadoop is evident from the fact that there are many global MNCs that are using Hadoop and consider it as an integral part of their functioning, such as companies like Yahoo and Facebook! On February 19, 2008, Yahoo! Inc. established the world’s largest Hadoop production application. The Yahoo! Search Webmap is a Hadoop application that runs on over 10,000 core Linux cluster and generates data that is now widely used in every Yahoo! Web search query.

Opportunities for Hadoopers!

Opportunities for Hadoopers are infinite – from a Hadoop Developer, to a Hadoop Tester or a Hadoop Architect, and so on. If cracking and managing BIG Data is your passion in life, then think no more and Join Edureka’s Hadoop Online course and carve a niche for yourself! Happy Hadooping!

Please write back to us at or call us at +91 88808 62004 for more information.


Lakshman Guntu says:

You are crazy for smilies :-p

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2:27:20 Hillarious !!!

edureka! says:

Edureka offers live, interactive classes on Big Data, Hadoop, Apache Spark and Scala, taught by industry experts. Here are some salient features of our live courses.
– Live, interactive sessions: Get your questions and doubts cleared during the session
– Practical examples and projects: Apply your learning to real world problems
– 24X7 support: Never get stuck, we are always there to help
– Mobile enabled: Attend Edureka classes on the go, anytime. Download the mobile app here:
– Lifetime access: Access course material, recorded classroom sessions whenever you want.

View Upcoming batches here:

Vishal Patel says:

Is it possible to make replication factor value 1 in hadoop? That is I need no data redundancy in system. Is it legal or it gives error?

Nikhil Agarwal says:

+edureka! It's an amazingly informative video but because of copious amount of diversion to off topics, it's invited some criticism. May be you can trim this video to eliminate the informal interaction and upload it back with only explanations. Thanks

Uma Balasubramanian says:

Superb tutorial! Excellent presentation from both Abhishek and Rahul. Thank you much.


I am an engineering student , i have been thinking about learning big data analytics .
But i dont now what i can do with it. Will it be useful to me ? What can i do with it if i learn it?

GuruKishore Bolisetty says:

Content is good and failed to explanation or conveying is not good

Other person way of teaching or conveying is good

Lot of similes being asked on all times, if anyone has any questions can ask over phone or chat if they miss any point

Mancy Saxena says:

Very interactive video tutorial, easily understood concepts, nice job esp abhishek sir :)


shall i get d email id frm where i will get answers to my queries

Ram Mishra says:

Sir, where can i get the materials like scripts and other documents from LMS used in your video tutorials? Do i have to necessarily pay the money and sign up for the course or are they available free of charge?

Divya Pyasi says:

In 10 yrs of IT exprnc…Abhishek u wud have conducted many calls….n instd of u repeating evry sentnc..waitng for othrs to text n thn again u reading out…tht was not so pleasant… U cud have given permission to themselves to mute/unmute thr Mike.

Jonathan Mrutu says:

Check out our tutorials on #bigdata and #Hadoop for Beginners via @youtube

edureka! says:

Check out our tutorials on #bigdata and #Hadoop for Beginners via @youtube

Madhu Kashyap says:

Starts from 16:00..ur welcome..

Goutham Bothra says:

Looks like this teacher is more interested in the personal relationship.. If would have been more focused, this class would have been for 90 minutes

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This is awesome , i really appreciate your effort .

udayan gupta says:

The session was very interactive and helpful. But if we focus more on Concept rather than interacting again and again , then it would be more helpful and it will save the time also. Thanks.

Ram Mishra says:

Hello sir, I loved this lecture. I wanted to know if all the other videos in this tutorial are theoretical or there will be technical details provided too? Thanks! :)

Rohan K says:

would you please mind to edit before putting it on internet i know its free but you could've able to save too much time atleast 20-30 mins is wasted on this video …….

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