Big Data and Hadoop Quick Introduction

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Ramamoorthi Rengavittal says:

Very easily understandable; concise and simple; Thank you.

Karthik Rangasamy says:

nicely done…

Sudhakar sudha says:

nice presentation …..every one can easily understand…

Raghu Reddy says:

Good One !! Keep going. 

Hrishi Menon says:

good presentation, simple language

theCoder says:

Like the way you explain !! Keep it up

justsidu says:

Great video man, good content and presentation. 

Madiraju K Chaitanya says:

Hi Bharath Ji,Thanks a LOT for introducing the Big Data and Hadoop to us.Please continue with you great work.We Like your way of presentation the complex Technologies in Simpler Terms.ALL THE BEST.

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